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Cattle Yards

Premium Stock Yards range of cattle yard products are made using high quality 2.1mm thick steel and hot dip galvanised after welding to protect them from corrosion for decades to come. The Premium philosophy is to over-engineer all products. There is no such thing as too strong when dealing with cattle. In order to provide a safe environment for both animal and farmer, all premium products are inspected and tested after manufacture. Premium Cattle yard products are modular, so you can create almost any design you can imagine. We can work with you to design your yard or you can select one of our professionally designed packages. All products have a male/female lug system welded on to them and are bolted together using two M16 stainless steel nuts and bolts. This allows for extremely strong connections between products and allows them to be easily and quickly erected or altered. While Premium yards can remain free-standing and are completely self-supporting, all products have steel plates welded onto their feet. Pre-drilled holes allow them to be dynabolted to concrete, or pinned to the ground using a reinforcing bar like a tent peg.

We understand that every operation is different. As such, should you require a custom yard please contact us and we can provide a free, no obligation design and quote.


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