Xtech Gate

Xtech Gate

Premium Heavy Duty Xtech Farm gate, One of the best quality and well-designed farm gates on the market.

Made from heavy-duty 40 x 40 box section and 5mm thick wire, fully hot-dip galvanized after welding, and featuring Premium’s Xtech design style makes it extremely strong and versatile and suited to many farming applications.

All 10ft Tech gates are 1.2m tall while 12, 14 and 16ft sizes are 1m tall.

$170.00 Excl. GST
$200.00 Excl. GST
$230.00 Excl. GST
$260.00 Excl. GST

p 021 0250 2499

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88 Berketts Rd Rolleston

Christchurch 7675